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Benefits Of Google’s +1 For Digital Marketing Advertisers

Free Pdf Social Media Marketing Framework

In April 2011, Google announced their ‘+1’ feature for search results. Just like Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, Google’s +1 button will allow users to give a thumbs-up to the websites that they like. The +1 button has also been launched for Internet marketing ads displayed on SERPs. This means that Google users can click on this button to recommend a particular Internet marketing ad to their friends.

For example: Paul went to France in June, and he liked a particular hotel so much that he clicked the +1 button alongside its ad, to recommend the hotel to his friends. Later, when Paul’s friend Christine begins to plan her own vacation to France, she comes across an ad for the same hotel where Paul stayed, while running a Google search. However, this ad looks different from the others, as it has been +1’d by Paul. On learning that Paul liked this hotel, Christine clicks on the ad to find out more about that hotel.
As this system of +1ing is a user-initiated process, +1 buttons will be displayed only to users who have signed into Google. While currently, the +1 button shows up only in search results, Google is working to create a system through which companies can display the +1 button on their web pages, as well. This will enable users to recommend a particular digital marketing ad, without having to go back to Google and search for the ad again.

For digital marketing advertisers, this means better quality incoming traffic. Google has also said that the advertisers can expect to see an overall improvement in click-through rates, as the number of +1’s collected increases. One of the objectives of the Google +1 button is to provide more relevant results to searchers. Hence, it is not surprising to learn that the Google plans to leverage ‘+1’ clicks to determine organic rankings.
Below are some digital marketing tips to get more +1s for any website:

  • Optimise the user experience of the searcher by ensuring that you deliver on the search query, both through your ad copy as well as your landing page.
  • Ensure that your digital marketing website contains relevant captivating content, which is likely to get recommended to others.
  • Check your ad copy and landing page, occasionally, to learn if there are other digital marketing opportunities that will make you stand out from the running competition.